Oil & Gas

Produced Water Shut Off

Increasing Hydrocarbon Production whilst Reducing Produced Water handling costs and Environmental Impact by  Shutting Off Water Production in the Reservoir. (Aubin Group)

Well Decommissioning

Cost Effective Well Abandonment Zonal Isolation in the Reservoir. (Aubin Group)

Clearing Blocked Lines

Increasing O&G Production with minimal carbon footprint impact by bringing existing Shut-in Hydrocarbon Wells back online with SSSV Control / Chemical Injection Line & Umbilical remediation using Supercritical Co2. (Ocean Team Scandinavia).

Flushing Lines to NAS3

Significantly reducing the potential of blockages in Control Lines, Chemical Injection Lines & Umbilical’s by flushing new or re-used lines with Supercritical Co2 to NAS3.

Current flushing techniques only achieve laminar flow and fluids cleanliness to NAS6 but our research identified the lines can still be NAS 10+ and may have manufacturing debris which could cause a life cycle blockage.

Supercritical CO2 flushes lines to NAS3 and they can then be filled with NAS3 Fluids to significantly improve the potential for  life cycle reliability. (Ocean Team Scandinavia) 

Marine Matt Subsea Pipeline & Cable Protection

The Arc Marine,  Marine Matts are built to protect key subsea cable and pipelines, whilst enhancing marine ecosystems, reducing marine plastics, and lowering CO2 emissions. Developed using nature inclusive design (NID) principles, the Marine Matt meets robust offshore construction requirements, helping your development to leave a positive marine legacy at an affordable price.

Oil Water & Fuel Remediation

Effective Oily Water/Fuel Separation, Mechanical Handling & Control System support for Drilling/Platform operations and Shutdowns/TAR’s. (Centrifuges-Unlimited)

Fire Fighting

AFFF-C6 Fire Fighting Foam Design, Manufacture, Testing & Equipment. (Oil Technics)

Proprietary Oilfield Chemicals

Efficient Environmental Oilfield Chemical Cleaning & Spill Response Solutions. (Oil Technics)

Competence Assurance

Competence Assurance Systems to ensure Safe Operations in Major Accident Hazards (MAH) environments. (CORE & Carjon-NRG)

Renewable Energy

Turbine Efficiency

Increasing power generation uptime & decreasing maintenance costs by implementing Hydraulic Oil Total Purity Solutions for Wind Farms, Transformer Platforms and Sub Stations. (Ocean Team Scandinavia)

Accelerating Reef Creation

Significantly reducing Decommissioning cost of Offshore Wind turbine Cable protection by creating Permanent Artificial Reefs using Reef-Cubes®  (ARC Marine)

Accelerating Reef Creation

Improving Scour protection for Offshore Wind turbines by Creating Artificial Reefs using Reef-Cubes® (ARC Marine)


Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections

Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) with proprietary Water-based Infection Control Solutions, Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser COVID-19 Tested & Patented Antimicrobial Hospital Curtains as supplied to NHS. (Bio Technics)

Food & Drink

Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene Solutions utilising Proprietary Quat Free products for all aspects of the Food Industry. (Bio Technics)